VMware server virtualization

Advance your server performance with vdi

Working professionals are no longer restricted to working from one PC in a single location. Technology advancements have now allowed the ability to access a wide range of applications from any location.

It can be challenging for IT departments to manage traditional methods in this new versatile cloud based arena. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) helps businesses manage desktop tasks much more efficiently and oversee work areas and applications from a single location.

reasons to consider vdi

  • Virtual Machines depend less on the strength of the end-client computers themselves, therefore VM machines significantly drive down expenses by broadening the life expectancy of your current PCs.
  • Your company can expect to save on the physical hardware, space and energy costs of servers that were consolidated.
  • Employees will save on the time it is needed to spend with tech support and troubleshooting issues. End users will be more productive with these advantages.
  • Recovery and backups are more simplified. By being able to back up and restore entire virtual machines, you can back up the VMs much faster and put them back, thanks to virtual machines being hardware-independent and not tied to a particular physical server.
  • Reduces security risks

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